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Phoenix Vegetarian Dinner Menu (Summer)

Mexican Fajita

A sizzling Fajita filled with Marinated Beans, Onion & Tomato, Mushrooms & Mature Cheddar Cheese topped with a Creamy Herb white Wine sauce S/W Garden fresh mixed side Salad & sweet Apricot & Red Pepper Salsa

Mild, Medium or Hot.

Spicy Pasta Special

Spaghetti cooked in Turmeric sauteed with Garlic, Peri-Peri & garden fresh Pesto Topped with feta Cheese & Olives & Served with Tomato, roast Garlic & Lovage Pesto topped with

garden fresh herbs .

Mild, Medium or Hot.

Lorna’s Pasta

Organic Spaghetti Served with our own slow cooked rich Tomato, Wine & garden fresh Vegetable Sauce topped with our own Garlic & Herb Pesto, Herbs

& served with Wilma’s “Parmesan” on the side. vegan

Exotic Phoenix Salad

An exciting taste explosion of our vegan Dips Pates,phoenix salad2

Local Goats Cheese on a bed of garden Salads

Served with Bread & Corn Chips.

FOR KIDS; PASTA SPECIAL as they like it.

Or half portions from dinner menu

The Phoenix Vegan & Gluten Free Dinner Menu

We use organic wholefoods, home grown & local produce

Firebird Curry

Made passionately with roasted Spices, Sweet Potato, Tofu, Chick Peas, fruit, flavoured with fresh Coriander, Ginger, Coconut & Lime, Served with Phoenix Dahl Pate, garden-fresh side Salad & steamed wild Rice.

Mild, Medium or Hot

Phoenix Quinoa Herb Bake

Made lovingly with sautéed butternut squash, Quinoa, millet, & home grown Chard topped with a lentil & sweet potato mash baked our own Tomato Sauce S/W a seasonal side Salad topped with freshly picked herbs .

Side Portion of Papas Bravas with home made vegan Alioli.