jb300 : 5/5

just stunning food. spinach in smoked brie sauce with roasted coconut and chillie. the cook book is out July 3rd, i have ordered 10 for friends and family. i eat here as much as possible the early bird is such good value.


pete and julie : 3/5
we visited Miltown market for all of Lorna s cookery demonstrations. all of them included recipe sheets and really clear instuctions. she managed to feed loads of people and answer all the questions well. the food was very simple and each week had a different cultural slant and had been adapted for gluten free and mainly dairy free. it was very profesional and amusing too. we both attend many veggie functions and hers was the best yet. her book will be out by easter so thats good news. we keep going back to the Phoenix because this is the best food.


arnie: 5/5
yummie food definitely reccomend for wholesome homely healthy food with a personal touch. colourful exotic atmosphere. great musicians too. have been back again and again


mo: 5/5
visited the phoenix after a wind swept day at the dingle races. on a arrival i received awarm welcome and aroasting dish of vegi bake and two smooth beers before retiring to my camper van which i was able to park in the garden caR PARK. this car park is not designed for campers but is full of folage and peaceful surroundings. the hot showers are in the house and are fairly luxurios, you are just asked not to use them during meal times as you have to walk through the dining area. it is good value at �12 and you can sit in the cafe and eat or drink lovely phoenix food at your leisure. by the way the Phoenix is open all year round and the surf is along the road at inch beach


phil  5/5
really fresh and very well presented food, salads straight from the garden. imaginative cooking with different tasts every dish.rooms funky colourful clean and all ensuite, we arrived for a night and ended up staying a week, the place was the livelest too during our trip to Ireland with lots of like minded people in and out. we also saw the great gypsy band which was a roking night. phil davis


alistair sawday  5/5
Bohemian meets gypsy, meets Arabian nights and they all decided to dance because why wouldnâ��t you? Somewhere in this exotic whirl is a two-foot high statue of the Virgin Mary: itâ��s a celebration of colour, wood, exposed stonework and rare plants. Lorna and Billy bought the house some 16 years ago and now run this relaxed place for open-minded devotes of organic vegetarian and whole food cooking: delicious, fresh breakfasts, tantalizing lunches and seriously good dinners are served in the restaurant with its colourful art on the walls. Lorna also sells whole food, gluten free house products and organic wine, and in the winter runs cookery classes, organizes salsa and Egyptian belly dancing classes encourages live music and other events such as the tasty film food club planned for the cool dark nights: there is also a relaxing wellbeing room for workshops and therapeutic groups. This place positively fizzes with colour, life and energy: bedrooms are large and comfortable, vibrant in their colour schemes, with spangled bedcovers and spotless bathrooms, – not for minimalists or dull folk. The garden is gorgeous, with wild areas for children to roam, tree houses, gypsy caravans (you can stay in them too)a friendly house pets and a very productive vegetable patch. Youâ��re bang on the Inch beach road, so surfers will delight.


paul said  5/5
we stayed at the phoenix and having the best food since we have been in Ireland. very friendly people amazing rooms and it seems as though nothing is too much trouble for them. will come again when we are in the country


Ras said  5/5
my husband and i are regular patrons of The Phoenix Restaurant and quite frankly it is the best restaurant in Ireland. neither of us are strict vegetarians yet the food is a gastromic experience not to be missed – from their mouthwatering starters their generous wholesome maincourses to their tantalising desserts not to mention their selection of teas coffees and wines, this is certainly a treat for all the senses

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