Even as I parked at Tralee’s North Campus for the Gokerry web site launch  last Friday, the car temperature gage was reading a roasting 27celsius.
Sunglasses in place, summery frock nicely flapping, I joined the crowd hovering on the steps of the building. I clutched my Cookbook, like a shield or a tag – who did I know – everyone was mostly unregognizable of course because they like me were all sun kissed and sun dressed. After a brief ” Go St. Tropez” blink through the sparkling haze of undiluted sunshine, there we all were and the “Hi’s” and “how are you’s” and the friendly introductions began.

Inside things were hotting up +30c someone said as we circulated, talking about, dare I say it: The Weather. Mingling for me was made easier due to the fact we had kindly been provided with little colourful merengues, tasty sandwidges and – yum yum – dark chocolate coated eclairs filled with fresh cream. Now, if you were stood next to one of those trays, you may have noticed me – a tall red head on a mission and that mission was to save those sweet baby delights from melting away on the plate. “Delicious” as I mingled and mumphed. I have a large mouth and I found – yes they fitted all in one go, not a dribble of chocolate in sight or a smidgeon of cream on the upper lip. “Blood sugar low ladies? Do try these” and the mock surprise as I encountered another handy plateful ” Oh scrumptious, have you tasted them?”
The speeches were made and we clapped and sipped water whilst ferociously fanning ourselves. Glancing out of the door I felt every entusiastic word uttered about the wonders of the kerry product was true, yes this is the most beautiful county and we are all extremely privaliged to live and work here.
Heartfelt thanks to those who contributed to the day and to the trojan work spent on the Gokerry web site.
And whoever made those cute little eclairs……

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