Milltown Farmers Market was a fashion parade of Edwardian hats and costumes today where Blooms Day was celebrated in style.
There were oysters from Kenmare and local porter brewed in Dingle.  sizzling falafels cooked by myself which warmed and filled the room with an appetising aroma. Music and fun; friends stopping for a chat,another coffee at the Mad Hatters Tea table and perhaps just  five minutes more of each others company.
Customers lingered over continental breads from Kenmare, sweet buns, succulent salads and local fresh vegetables There was pretty vintage jewellery, customised Chrystal necklaces, along sideWilmas tasty cheeses and the delicious vegetarian foods from The Phoenix.

On the 14th. of July in Milltown Farmers Market Wilma will be making Butter for a special celebration of local crafts, Christine will be spinning and we will have delightful figures molded from Kerry turf, Lorna will be cooking and there will be live music. Mark it in your calender and bring the kids along as there will be face painting and other fun events- come rain or shine.

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