Last sunday we hosted a Holistic Open Day at The Phoenix. As the restaurant filled up with therapists setting up their displays there was an atmosphere of calmness and anticipation. Who would come to a rural restaurant to talk about – Homeopathy- Sound and Chrystal healing- Herbs for Health- the Raindrop Massage Technique – Reiki – CBT and Tapping for Success? The day brightened and by midday there was enough sun to comfortably seat customers outside and there was already a steady stream of guests.
Each table looked inviting and all the therapists became  busy chatting to interested people.

Viveca magical turf figures
 from the bogs of Kerry 

All through the day there were talks in the original front room of the house,

Susan Browne EFT Tapping for Success-
a technique that is so simple and makes
 you feel good
Ruti Lach Music For Tots and more

During Erina Mc.Sweenies talk on nutrition some  one noted that it is a slow change in food reform and the majority of the people eat very unhealthy fast food. “We are the converted”, where are all the other people ”  said another. Looking around the lovely room with its original fireplace and cooking crane in place, and remembering that this was the room that twenty one years ago, before we bought the house, had bales of hay and cows wandering in and out; I thought change is inevitble and is happening here and now and  that The Phoenix has risen again.

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