Even though rain stopped play for a while, the courgettes plants have finally beaten the swamp and have, like they do every august, become abundant.
Spices are everything when it comes to ringing the changes around yet another tasty courgette dish.
Today at The Phoenix, I served them nestled amongst the oven roast veg simply sprinkled with salt, pepper, olive oil and a dash of balsamic, in a very fruity curry seasoned with darkly roasted cumin, cloves & mustard seeds. But what about puddings! My friend Cat licked her lips and mentioned a chocolate courgette cake she and her bother used to make “back home in Chigago”.
All the C’s Cats Chocolate Courgette Cake from Chigago.

After the Rain

And here it is an improvised version, a delightful moist flan and gluten free to boot.
2 mugs young courgette, coarsly grated
2 mug apples, grated
6-9 plums, chopped
1 mug quinoa flour
1 mug desicated coconut
1/2 mug organic sugar
200 grams dark chocolate in flaky chunks,
1 mug cream
2 eggs
3 tbls olive oil
a dash of lemon
1 teaspoon baking powder
beat the eggs and cream together and add to all the other ingredients, pour into a well oiled medium flan dish and bake until the mixture turns golden brown and sets.
Cool and serve with dark chocolate sauce.

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