Bella Bia used to be a place for us to go as a family. A birthday, a meal before a film or simply a lovely friendly place to take the kids and friends after shopping. A place where the kids were made welcome and we all felt special.
Then the teenagers went through the: parents are for wimps stage and of course after school times became filled with activities, homework and friends – all doing more private things. Never having been a teenager myself – I know not what!
So recently after a longish break Billy and I opened the door of Bella Bia feeling a nostalgic shift in time – as now  we only needed a table for two.
We were welcomed as though it were yesterday and not yester-year that we were last there. It helped of course that we had been seen recently on RTE in the At Your Service program, everyone wanting to know what it was really like working with The Brennan brothers. “No horses head in my bed anyway” I said “in the end I did what I was told and changed the sign”
We sat in the Conservatory, with wall heaters on all around us. I ordered my favourite Caprese followed by risotto

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