It always takes place on the first weekend in October, often managing to steal a smidgeon of the mellow warmth of September in its wake. This year with our Indian summer in full swing on Europe’s most Western spit of land, The Dingle Peninsula, the festival promises to be an exciting and vibrant celebration of the most delicious and innovative, Irish food products.
 Events include a scrumptious food trail, the prestigious Irish taste awards, Dingle’s colourful Farmer’s Market, artisan food workshops and cooking demonstrations from the best chefs on the peninsula.
 Needless to say the warm Kerry welcome will include foot tapping music events and for kids: a mad hatters tea party – I’ve got mine! So let your senses be enlivened, educated and indulged for this most delightful and appetizing event of the year.

Spicy Sprouted Mung BeanSpinach Cakes

2 mugs of sprouted Mung Beans
*½ mug soaked crunchy Green Spilt Pea
*[or ½ mug extra Mung bean]
4 tbsp Olive Oil
½ tsp Peri-Peri
½ tsp Salt
1 large Onion, finely chopped
5-6 large leaves of Chard, finely chopped
Golf ball size fresh Ginger, finely chopped

To sprout mung beans simply soak them overnight; as long as they have that crunchy raw texture and taste it is enough for the recipe. Once sprouted and not used they need to be washed daily and then can even be kept in the fridge for anything such as: stir fries, stews or salads.
Liquidise the bean spouts, oil, spices and salt. Add the onion, spinach & ginger and mix well
Drop tablespoons of the mixture into a frying pan and lightly shallow fry for a few minutes each side orplace onto an oiled baking tray or forms and bake in a medium hot oven 200c for 20 minutes – or until set.
The basic mixture can also be used as a raw-food spread, served on a rice or corn cracker.
Serve with a dipping sauce made with equal amounts of argave syrup and tamari and some slices of ginger soaked white balsamic vinegar.
I love my heart – warming, heart – shaped baking forms 

                    Recipe from Lorna’s G.D. free cookery demo

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