On Wednesday 17th. October a fantastic food event was facilitated by the hospitality section of the Institute of technolgy Tralee.
Despite the weather, which started as a crisp autumnal morning and then veered towards heavy to light showers with occasional bursts of brilliant sunshine, the local food artisans set up a colourful Farmers Market outside the Hotel and Hospitality building .
The foods on display ranged from home picked seaweed relishes, smoked and cured meats, cheeses, paella, gluten free baking,The Phoenix dips and salads,chocolates, cakes and even daringly delicious ice cream for when the sun did pop out.
The atmosphere inside the building was exciting as chefs and food producers geered up for demonstrations, workshops and talks.
The tutors and trainee chefs were dressed to impress in pristine whites and although my nerves were jangling, [pre-stage nerves] they were extremely calm, helpful and very gracious.
As I was all set up and prepared for my demo, Dan sent me out for a wander. All well and good until at 9.50 I found myself totally disorientated, in the wrong corridor with tides of people rushing against me. That panic that only occurs in dreams must have been obvious. Struggling to get attention I asked someone who looked knowledgeable where the cookery demonstrations were being held? I should have been more precise “which one do you wish to attend ” she asked, only slightly concerned at my  nervous disposition, ” Mine” I stammered. I was quickly swooped apon and led, kindly, like a lost child, to my door and my own packed auditorium.
My demonstration was a back to roots vegetarian/vegan/gluten free and it included raw food preparation, whole food and sprouting. Hard core really, but I knew I was in the honoured position of representing a minority food group, amongst the best chefs in Kerry.
The way to any ones heart is through the stomach, an old fashioned proverb perhaps, but I was genuinely moved by the openness and passion for taste from the people attending the event, the student chefs and the people who made the event possible.
Heart felt thanks for a great day out and all the good “food for thought.”

The recipes for my demo will be posted here and I would just like to remind you all about our vegan & wheat  free Five course tasting banquet on Saturday 17th. November. Limited space available oh and there will be an Egyptian dance performance…

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