\Life is one culinary adventure after another....

As a small kid I liked nothing better than to be lost in the fantasy of a good story-book. So what better place to be tomorrow than Woulfes Book shop Listowel, offering food tasters to the happy food trailist – and signing copies of my own cookbook.
Pay me a visit and taste, to your hearts delight, all the lovely dips and bits that will make your mouth moist with, perhaps – mock hunger – as I know you will be enjoying many a succulent delight both before and after my tasty tidbits.

Walk briskly and breath deep in between bites, work up an appetite, so you can savour the flavours that are promised, let us cooks excite your taste buds to a frenzy with our delicious morsels.
Listowel was gusty with bouts of hail and occasional bursts of sun shine on the farmers’ market today, will tomorrow be the same?
Wrap up warm and I will see you there. If you arrive and find me engrossed in a good read….  feel free to do exactly as my mother used to and poke me in the ribs and say ” Lorna will you ever get your nose out of that book and get on with the job in hand…..”

Here is a very palatable and fun recipe with a zingy rocket and red pepper salsa. Hand Spirelizers can be bought on line and serrated peeler’s in any good kitchen shop and are both happy additions to your kitchen implements. Like all sharp tools follow the instructions and beware of the blades.

An added bonus is: it’s also dairy & gluten free and kids really love the long, long threads of sweetness.

1 Large Sweet Potato grated long and thin with the Julienne spirelizer or grater

Juice of 1 Lemon

Phoenix tasters
The Salsa

1 Red Pepper, de-seeded

1 Medium bunch of rocket, stalks removed, chopped

1 Pear (cored and peeled)

1 Clove of garlic

1 Sprig of Coriander

1 Knob of Ginger

1 Mug Pumpkin Seeds, coarsely chopped or ground

The Dressing

Juice of 1 Lime

A good dash of Olive Oil

1 Teaspoon Salt

½ Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper or Peri Peri

Pour the lemon juice on the grated sweet potato to begin the softening process.

Finely chop the salsa ingredients into a textured puree, adding the salt as you chop.

Place it in a bowl with the dressing and then gently massage everything gently with your fingers thinking how radiant everyone will look after eating this fresh, vitamin rich dish.

Now combine all the ingredients, and mix well, making sure everything is well coated.

This perky and prettily structured dish can be eaten immediately or made in advance.

This dish is also fantastic and super-dooper healthy if you add a head of broccoli to the salsa ingredients. 

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