Bella Bia Bella Risotto

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Bella Bia used to be a place for us to go as a family. A birthday, a meal before a film or simply a lovely friendly place to take the kids and friends after shopping. A place where the kids were made welcome and we all felt special.Then the teenagers went through the: parents are for wimps stage and of course after school times became filled with activities, homework and friends – all doing more private things. Never having been a teenager myself – I know not what!So recently after a longish break...

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A Positively Grande Tour

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The life of Riley @The Park Hotel Kenmare Last wednesday there was an  enormous storm brewing. It was my day off plus it coincided with my husbands and we had planned to take our Swiss guests, Sylvia and Jurg, on a day trip.  Ireland, in deluge, was not what we wanted to indulge in, however there were definitely breaks of blue nestled in those big fat puffy clouds. Looking on the bright side  “I know” I said “lets go South to Kenmare,  it must be sunny over those mountains”. Our first stop...

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Courgette & Chocolate Cake

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Even though rain stopped play for a while, the courgettes plants have finally beaten the swamp and have, like they do every august, become abundant.Spices are everything when it comes to ringing the changes around yet another tasty courgette dish.Today at The Phoenix, I served them nestled amongst the oven roast veg simply sprinkled with salt, pepper, olive oil and a dash of balsamic, in a very fruity curry seasoned with darkly roasted cumin, cloves & mustard seeds. But what about puddings! My friend Cat...

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Feldenkrais you make me as light as a Feather

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 Cuban heat is always so relaxing People called me relaxed. They think I never lose my temper, get stressed out or feel murderous towards my loved ones.With convoluted thought patterns, I believe them, they perceive therefore I am. However there is always another side; I have made a secret discovery about myself with help of my sister in law Verena Gersbach who is a Feldenkrais practitioner. flying was the most relaxing thing kyle could  do Our session began with me standing – comfortably in front of her,...

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