Taboule with a Twist

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Taboule with a twist On Saturday I hit killarney with my healthy, tasty morsels. It was The Summer Fest, that time of year again and Sarah O’ Brien had decided to facilitate a “pop up market” with artisan foods and crafts in the Outlet Shopping Centre next to the station in Killarney. The weather [this years main topic] was  mixed. Loading up my car huge sheets of rain bounced around me. “Great the shopping centre will be packed, and with all those fantastic events for kids there will be...

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The Power Of Raw Red Hummus

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Sprouting is a wonderful way to squeeze every bit of nutrition out of seeds,  grains or pulses. It is so amazing that all you need is water to create a valuable and relatively cheap power food that can be used in salads, sandwiches, stir frys and more.For this hummus soak the chick peas for about two days, they will begin the sprouting process quite quickly and if you don’t want to use them pop them in the fridge where they will keep quite happily for about a week. Simply wash and rinse them every second...

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Eggs Florentine a la Phoenix

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Eggs Florentine [a la Phoenix]I cook in our commercial kitchen like a house wife. I hate waste and because our bread is usually home made with organic spelt flour I  religiously  bake all the left over bits and make very healthy breadcrumbs.Of course there are only so many breadcrumbs you can use, especially in a kithchen that is mainly gluten free. My mum used to make Treacle Tart with hers, oodles of treacle – bread crumbs a handful of oats – all on top of a good rich pastry base; sugary, buttery...

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Holistic Open Day @ The Phoenix Restaurant

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Last sunday we hosted a Holistic Open Day at The Phoenix. As the restaurant filled up with therapists setting up their displays there was an atmosphere of calmness and anticipation. Who would come to a rural restaurant to talk about – Homeopathy- Sound and Chrystal healing- Herbs for Health- the Raindrop Massage Technique – Reiki – CBT and Tapping for Success? The day brightened and by midday there was enough sun to comfortably seat customers outside and there was already a steady stream of...

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